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Indirizzo: Via Cucchesì, 1
Nuragus (Ca), Italy
Telefono: 39 0782 818262 –

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Two words identify the company’s philosophy: sense of belonging and respect.

Belonging is referred to the land where the company is located, namely Nuragus, which is a small village situated in the heart of Sarcidano (center of Sardinia). This area is well-know due to its sheep-farming and crops activities that identify the landscape. As such, the company is passionately dedicated to these aforementioned activities, specifically to the cultivation of olives, gripevine, grazing and forage.
Nuragus is also an uncontaminated location, a hilly countryside “shaken by the Mistral and the Sirocco winds”. The soil’s physical properties allow the grapevine to develop its roots in-depth. Furthermore, no water supply, chemical fertilizer are in use.
The company’s work activities are carried out either manually or with machines. In order to perfectionate the winemaking process, only native vines grafted on the soil are used. The vines are pruned according to the Simonit & Sirch method.
The grapes are harvested manually, put in boxes of about 20 kg and sent immediately to the fermentation process.
Winemaking traditions within the family has convinced the current owner, Stefano Soi, to come back to his origin and continue the long-established family activity with a modern approach and a new philosophy, in order to cope with a fierce competition.
This aforementioned approach has resulted in the birth of two extraordinary and superb wines that echoes our mediterranean soul, typical of our landscape. One has been named after “SOI” as the owner, and it is a “Cannonau of Sardinia”, a DOC wine with a floral fruity fragrance. The second has been named “LUN”, an IGT (Geographical indication) veryintense, with an ardent aroma, resounding the taste of anchovy, caper and sweet spices, enhancing the tactile sensations that the wine has on the tongue and in the mouth.

The Soi’s wines won the Oscar “Bere Bene” 2017 of Gambero Rosso.

SOI – Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

LUN – Isola dei Nuraghi IGT


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