Winery Arvisionadu

Autochthonous vineyard Arvisionadu, one of the rarest and most ancient of Sardinia.

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Cantina Arvisionadu, benetutti

Winery Arvisionadu di Mulas e Taborelli S.A.S

Località Luzanas Benetutti (SS),Italia

Arvisionadu, geo-localizzazione

Winery Arvisionadu

The Winery “Arvisionadu” was set up in 2013 with the aim of valorizing the autochthonous vineyard called Arvisionadu, one of the rarest and most ancient of Sardinia.
After ages of anonymous activities, the company has decided to develop and commercialize its excellent productions, using also modern winemaking systems and paying special attention to our natural environment.

The main goal was to upgrade the production and launch new brands into the market, produced directly by the winery, following ancients and winemaking traditions of Sardinia.

For the cultivation have been used three hectares of “Arvisionadu” land. Moreover, different kinds of vineyards are cultivated such as Cannonau, Cagnulari, Sangiovese and Syrah.
Two doctors, and wines lovers, Pino Mulas and Angelo Taborelli, have undertaken these initiatives. In 2012 was also built a new winery with modern winemaking equipment, with a huge number of steel barrel and barrique, where the fermentation, blending and aging process have been taking place. As mentioned, the company was formally set up in 2013 and the main object was to update the winemaking process toward modern techniques paying a special attention to the environment. As the company was recently established, the staff has also selected and hired the best advisors and oenologists within the sector, in order to obtain superb wines.   

G’Oceano, Isola dei Nuraghi

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