Traditional sardinian sweets

In Sardinia there are more than 130 kinds of traditional sweets.

Discover sardinian sweets

Traditional sardinian sweets

As mentioned, few ingredients are used according to the tradition, namely: durum wheat (farina di grano duro), lard or oil ( to help soften the dough), sugar or sardinian honey, “sapa” (grape must), raisin, almonds, dried fruit like walnuts and hazelnuts, eggs and some spices like saffron.

Some sweets contains orange flower water and fennel seeds to enrich its flavours. Another important ingredient is the citrus fruit, normally in the form of grated peel or toasted zest.
In some fresh recipes appears ricotta and cheese. Ricotta in some products such as the “Pardulas” and the cheese in some other such as the “Seadas”. However, sardinian sweets are made to be stored for a long period, therefore without ricotta and cheese but with almonds and honey.

In Sardinia there are more than 130 kinds of traditional sweets.
It is worth knowing and trying most of them, perhaps in front of an excellent glass of Sardinian wine to make it a memorable food experience.

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