Ferreli's Bakery Company

Fornai dal 1954

Crispy breadsticks of “Carasau”

Forno Ferreli, Lanusei

Panificio Ferreli S.F Sard a Pan S.r.l.

Via Costa E Cocco 119 – 08045 Lanusei (OG)
Web: www.ferreli.it/
Email: export@ferreli.it
Tel: +39 0782 42 669

Panificio Ferreli, Lanusei

Panificio Ferreli

The Ferreli’s Bakery Company is situated in Ogliastra, one of the greatest area of Sardinia.

It is an historic territory, well known for the longevity of its inhabitants. In fact, it is part of the five blue worldwide areas identified by the National Geographic, where nutrition, quality of life, uncontaminated environment and genetics contribute to the long life of its inhabitants.

The Company produces some typical bread such as “Su Pistoccu” and “Pane Carasau” as typical product of Sardinia, made up of thin sheets of crispy bread, with no additives.

The bread produced in the bakery has a long shelf life.

Carasau bread

Pane Carasau Panificio Ferreli, Lanusei

Carasau Guttiau bread

Pane Carasau Guttiau Panificio Ferreli, Lanusei


Grissau, grissini di pane Carasau, Panificio Ferreli - Lanusei

Gutì Classic

Gutì Classico, Panificio Ferreli, Lanusei

Gutì oregano taste

Gutì Origano, Panificio Ferreli, Lanusei

Gutì rosemary taste

Gutì Rosmarino, Panificio Ferreli, Lanusei

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