Sardinian Pasta

Pasta is an ancient Italian product known all over the world.


Sardinian pasta

Pasta is an ancient Italian product known all over the world.
The Romans already produced some types of pasta, including the “Lagana” (Lasagna). However, dried pasta is probably an innovation of Arabs mediated by the Mediterranean gastronomic culture, particularly from the Sicilian. Dried pasta becomes well known in the Middle Ages.
The production of wheat and bread favored the birth of the Sardinian pasta. Since the Middle Ages, Sardinia has been an important producer of dry pasta, appreciated and exported to different European regions. Until the eighteenth century, there had been
numerous artisanal pasta factories all over the island.
Today there are several medium and small business and handmade pasta factories producing nearly thirty main types of pasta. Most of them are still in production, as the “Fregula” and the “Malloreddus”. Unfortunately, some handcrafted speciality such as the “Filindeu”, the “Caombas” and the “Crogoristas”, handed down from one generation to another, are due to disappear.




Long-established traditions have come to our days almost intact, therefore excellent pastas are still the same. Among themselves, the Fregula” and the “Malloreddus” are the most famous.

Fregula is made with semolina dough and has a form of small ball with 2-3 mm in diameter. These are toasted in an oven.
Different recipes can be made mixing the Fregula with vegetables, seafood, artichokes or mushrooms. Moreover, the Fregula can be cooked like a risotto with vegetable or meat broth in which all ingredients are immersed, waiting for the evaporation of the water. Fregula” can be enriched with Sardinian saffron or red wine like “Cagnulari“, “Carignano” and “Cannonau“.

Malloreddus are little striped dumplings long about 2 cm, made with semolina, wheat and water. They are excellent with tomato sauce, slices of sausage and grated PecorinoAlso, they can be seasoning with different sauces, butter, cream and extra virgin olive oil and so on.

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