Bakery Filia Uda

Fresa bread (thin carasau)

Panificio Filia Uda

Panificio Filia Uda di Filia Gian Battista e C. S.n.c.

Via Monsignore Filia 3 – 07010 Illorai (SS) – Italy

Panificio Filia Uda, geo-localizzazione

Bakery Filia Uda

The handcraft bakery is situated in Illorai (SS), a historic region of Goceano, in the North of the Sardinia island. It is an archaeological, historical and uncontaminated location.

The bakery is located in a famous area in which typical breads, such as the “Pane fresa” or “Carasau” are renowned. Both of them have a flat form but with a rectangular shape, and are suitable to be eaten as starter, with cheeses, cured meats and sausages.

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Panificio Filia Uda